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ShamimSign with Shamim

Shamim lost her hearing to malaria when she was just a little girl because her family could not afford the $7 medication. Simple solutions can be unreachable for those living in extreme poverty.

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ShamimDestined Duo: Hannah and Shamim

If you heard Shamim's story at The Compassion Experience, you probably remember hearing about her sponsor, Hannah.

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ShamimFull Potential

Shamim was nervous. At 9 years old, she had known only one home - the small mud hut she shared with her grandmother. She was safe there, and loved. Her grandmother struggled to provide, but Shamim knew how much she loved her.

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Julian, Olive, ShamimExperience Uganda

The "Pearl of Africa" is home to three precious gems, Julian, Shamim, and Olive. If you got to experience their stories, you'll remember their brave perseverance and kind hearts despite grim childhoods.

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