Hannah, wearing jewelry that Shamim made to raise money for her ministry,

In this photo, Hannah is wearing jewelry that Shamim (also called “Sherinah”) made to raise money for her ministry, Sherinah’s New Hope for Children with Disability Ministry. You may remember a similar necklace from the last room of Shamim’s tour.

They are still very close friends. The relationship they developed through prayer and letter-writing has stood the test of time. Now they’re changing the story for many other children.. together.

Here is an excerpt from an interview with Hannah:

Hannah, thanks so much for joining us today. Could you tell us when you began sponsoring children through Compassion International?

I sponsored my first child when I was 11 years old. My parents hosted a Compassion Sunday and I spotted a packet with a girl one year younger than me. I asked my parents if I could work for them to sponsor Shamim. Once I graduated high school and got a real job, I took over Shamim’s sponsorship completely and added three more girls.

How and why did you decide to sponsor a child? Is there a specific story surrounding your decision to sponsor a child that you can share with us?

I grew up writing to our family’s sponsored children, Margaret in Kenya and Aaron in the Philippines. It was always a dream to sponsor a child for myself and every since being very young, I have loved letter writing and missions! Sponsoring a child at age 11 was a way that I could be a part of God’s mission field prior to being able to travel by myself.

Can you tell us the first name of the child you sponsored and where he or she is from?

Shamim, the first child I sponsored, has now graduated Compassion’s program! She is from Uganda and she is about to graduate college. She also started a ministry for disabled children in Uganda since she is deaf herself and wants to reach other children with disabilities. We now sponsor another girl from Uganda and her name is Cissy. Cissy lives close to Shamim and so Shamim visits Cissy when she has time!


…my husband and I sponsored 9 more children and I write to over 30 other children. I love letter writing and this is a door that God has opened to allow me to disciple many children and to be involved with missions. If you have a heart for missions but feel that you are not able to travel, and if you enjoy letter writing, consider sponsoring or corresponding with a child through Compassion!

You can also start your own story with a child in need of a loving relationship. Click here for more information about sponsorship through Compassion International.