Carlos shows off his sponsors

Along with his sweetness and grit, I remember the color of his story. For all the darkness Carlos walked through, there were spots of color on his path that led towards victory.

Carlos is proud to still call Guatemala home.

The colorful country of Guatemala is home to many treasures!

Antigua Guatemala Markets
  1. The first chocolate bar ever, was made by the people of Mayan community in Guatemala.
  2. Blue colored denims were also first created in Guatemala!
  3. Tagged as the “Most Beautiful Lake” in the world by several ardent explorers, Lake Atitlán is the deepest lake in all of Central America.
  4. Fiambre, a traditional Guatemalan dish, is made from over 50 different ingredients and is prepared and eaten yearly to celebrate the Day of the Dead.
  5. There are close to 33 volcanos in Guatemala. Most of them are still active.
  6. Guatemala is the highest producer of Jade in the world.Despite Guatemala’s rich history and culture, poverty takes a serious toll on daily life there.
    • Guatemala has the highest percentage of malnourished children in all of Latin America (Source).
    • 42% of Guatemalan citizens do not have access to clean water (Source).
    • The average Guatemalan girl stays in school only until she’s 10 (Source).

Guatemalan girls marry as young as 12 years old and have an average of seven children (Source).

Young people enrolled in Compassion are taught local trades to inspire their creativity and give them a sustainable income option.
Big smiles after a hot lunch at the Compassion Child Development Center!

You can be part of releasing Guatemalan children from poverty in Jesus’ name, and become part of their world! Click here for more information about sponsorship.