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Exhibit Content

Is it suitable for young children?
Yes. It was designed with the whole family in mind and stories with sensitive content have kid-friendly audio versions. Parents should preview the content for each story to make the right choice for each child. Click here for more information on bringing kids.


Is this a religious event?
Compassion International is an openly Christian organization, and each of the children’s true stories will include a theme of their faith, as it made a significant impact on their ability to escape poverty. We want all our guests to feel comfortable and welcome because it’s our goal to increase awareness in each community about the realities of extreme poverty and the difference we all have the opportunity to make.

Will I be pressured for money?
No. There will be an opportunity to sponsor a child at the end of your experience, but it’s not required. You will not be asked for a donation for attending.

The location listed is a church. Do I have to be a church-goer? Is the church going to ask me for anything?
No. The event will be set-up outside in the church parking lot. It is open to the public and there will be no solicitation from the church.

Planning Your Visit

Is it free?

Is it wheelchair-accessible?
Yes. There will either be a lift or a ramp for one of the stories (due to space constraints). Once inside, the doorways are regulation-width and there are ramps where needed.

Can I bring a stroller?
Yes. You may choose to park it before you enter because space inside the tour is limited.

How long does it take?
Plan an hour. Even if you have a reservation, the walk-in crowd and wait times fluctuate. There will be either two or three different story options which take approximately 15 minutes each. Ticket-holders can enter the priority “Registered” entry line upon arrival for the first story only. If you choose to stay and experience additional stories, you will be directed to the walk-in line to wait for our next opening. This is so we can accommodate the next round of registered guests.

What should I look for when I arrive?
The experience will set-up outside in the parking lot. Look for a large canopy attached to a semi-truck trailer.

Is it climate-controlled?
Yes, to an extent. The experience is covered and climate-controlled with portable A/C or heat units depending on the weather. Every once in while the line to get in will extend past the canopy, but our staff and volunteers will do their best to keep the line moving.

Will the event be cancelled if weather is bad?
Not likely. Since we have a sturdy canopy and trailer, we are open rain, snow, or shine. If severe weather becomes a safety threat we will email everyone who is registered. You can also call our weather hotline anytime for up-to-date event information: 844-841-6938.

Can my whole group go through together?
It depends. 3-5 people can enter together every 5 minutes. If you have between 6-20 people in your group, plan to arrive under the same reservation and then take turns going through. If there are more than 20 people in your group we will do our best to arrange consecutive reservation times. Prepare your group for a wait in line either way.

Will you provide the headphones?
Yes. We will provide every visitor with a freshly sanitized iPod and headset. Custom headphones and hearing devices with 3.5 mm jacks are permitted.

Get in Touch

How do I look-up or change my registration? 
Click here to view, make changes to, or cancel your registration.

How do I bring the Experience to my city?
Click here to submit your location for review and we’ll be in touch! Even if the Compassion Experience isn’t the best fit for your area, there are many other ways to get involved.

Do you need volunteers?
Yes! Passionate locals are perfectly qualified to join with us in running this exciting event, and we really could use your help. Visit our volunteer page for details and to find out what openings we have available each weekend. No prior experience with Compassion is required. Training and a free t-shirt are provided on-site.

What resources do you have to help me promote or report on the event?
Find free press resources here. There are several high-resolution photos and a preview video available to share. We also prepare a custom press release for each location that you’re welcome to distribute. For media and interview inquiries, please email us.

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