The Compassion Experience: Parent Preview

A note to parents of young children attending The Compassion Experience

We are often asked “Is this Experience appropriate for my younger children?” It’s a great question, though it’s always a tough one to answer as every situation is unique.

Compassion International works in some of the toughest places on the planet. Children growing up in these environments are extremely vulnerable. The stories we profile in The Compassion Experience contain true realities that are faced everyday by children living on less than $1.90/day. We take great effort to avoid sensationalizing dark circumstances and try to tell the bigger story of these children who are on a journey from poverty to hope.

The Compassion Experience is a resource to help you, as a parent, bring your children into a larger conversation about helping others and showing Compassion to the vulnerable in other parts of the world. We designed the experience to be generally appropriate for all ages, however we are mindful that small children are all impacted differently by stories they hear.

To help you be prepared for some of the themes and content that are a part of the experience, we have some resources to help you:

Burnaby, British Columbia – Willingdon Church
North York, Ontario – The Peoples Church

KIDS AUDIO TRACKS: Every story has a child-friendly audio version. Most of our stories are child-friendly by default, and a select few of them have separate child-specific audio tracks available. For smaller children, these tracks provide more age appropriate audio versions of each story with simplified language and sound effects. A volunteer will offer parents the choice for stories that have two options.

If you have any specific questions, please email us at