The Compassion Journey Online Parent Preview

Compassion works in some of the toughest places on the planet. Children growing up in these environments are extremely vulnerable. The story we profile in The Compassion Journey Online contains true realities that are faced everyday by children living on less than $1.90/day. We take great effort to avoid sensationalizing dark circumstances and try to tell the bigger story of children who are on a journey from poverty to hope. We view The Compassion Journey Online as a resource to help you, as a parent, bring your children into a larger conservation about helping others and showing Compassion to the vulnerable in other parts of the world. We designed the experience to be generally appropriate for ages five and up, however we are mindful that children are all impacted differently by stories they hear. Below is an overview of Patience’s story to help you understand the subject matter presented and determine if there is content that might be too sensitive for your child.


Patience is a brave little girl growing up in Kyebando, Uganda, a city wracked with AIDS. The devastating disease takes most of her family, leaving her and her baby brothers to the cruel guardianship of her aunt. Some people say her family is cursed. Is it true? Patience longs to go to school, knowing that education could be her only escape. Even more than her own freedom, Patience dreams of someday being able to make a difference in her community – to bring hope where she only found darkness. Through the intervention of her local church, the Compassion program, and her dear sponsor, Patience gets that chance. Finally she can silence the whispers and prove that no curse is a match for God’s incredible plan for her life.


Patience expresses hopelessness, fear, and emptiness in the midst of great challenge. Patience is orphaned at a young age and left responsible for her younger brothers. Patience’s aunt deprives her of food, forces her to work, and yells and hits her in anger. Patience wonders if her difficult circumstances are her fault and if God is mad at her.

Video content shows actor portrayal of Patience’s aunt pushing Patience out of the house, grabbing her arm, and speaking harshly. Patience covers her face, as if in tears, and her voice expresses deep sadness. She cries, “Mommy, why did you have to go?”


AIDS, generational curses, death of immediate family members, neglect, physical abuse, and verbal abuse from a family member, loneliness, hopelessness