Shamim lost her hearing to malaria when she was just a little girl because her family could not afford the $7 medication. Simple solutions can be unreachable for those living in extreme poverty.

But what the enemy meant for evil, God turned around for good. Shamim now has a thriving ministry for other children with disabilities. She can relate to them on a personal level and point them toward the hope of Jesus that has kept her strong.

Shamim learned sign language so that she could communicate. It’s difficult to express and receive God’s love without communication. Do you know any words in sign language? Watch Shamim’s video and see if you can pick any out.

Here’s what she’s signing:

I am called Nakiyemba Shamim graduated from Compassion UG507 [her child development center]. Compassion has been my way forward because it helped me to reach where I am now.

Despite my disability Compassion did not lose hope in me. It helped me and motivated me to gain passion. Compassion also helped me to open my eyes to help other children who have disability.

With this, I opened my ministry which is called Sherinah’s new hope for children with disability. And with this ministry I hope to help these children to become as what I am today.

You can learn one important sign right now!

Shamim says it the same way.

You can also communicate the message of love to a child through the life-changing power of sponsorship. Click here for more information on how you can get involved.